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What we're about

WBC is a family business built on love for writers and the desire to make book coaching accessible to a broad swath of authors regardless of their aspirations.  If you aim for a deal with a major publisher, come on.  If you are an Indie at heart, come on. If you want only to leave a memoir for your loved ones, come on.

Our sole desire is for you to write the best book you can. 

Meet the family

Stephen Woodfin

I grew up in East Texas, attended JUCO, then headed to the big city. Thirteen years split between Dallas and Wake Forest, NC.  I graduated Dallas Baptist with a B. A. in religion and took a Master of Divinity degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I spent three years in hell working for the postal service, and somewhere around that time, I was an AFDC worker in South Dallas near the state fairgrounds.


I decided to get out of town and landed in a one-bedroom student housing dive at Baylor Law School in Waco. Since no one qualified ran, my classmates voted me class president and expected me to yield the vast powers of my office to feather their nests.  That was how I learned the limitations of politics and the despair to which it leads. 


I passed the bar exam, hung out a shingle in my hometown, and became a small businessman. For the last thirty-five years or so. 




The son of a poet WWII vet, I never knew life without a fascination for words. I wrote a few chapters in five or six novels, put them in the drawer.  About fifteen years ago, I finally decided to get serious about writing.


So, what did I do?

I hired a book coach named Jory Sherman, a Pulitzer-nominated novelist, a running buddy of Charles Bukowski back in the day. And Jory, in his cabin in the woods with his pet coons around us, gave me permission to write. 


That was over a million words ago.  Ten novels, scores of short stories, hundreds of blogs. I’ve narrated audio books on ACX and produced a podcast for writers.


And now I would like to help you, just like Jory helped me. 


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Grady Woodfin

Grady Woodfin graduated from Full Sail University with her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. She began her writing career in journalism where she wrote and edited pieces for the Liberty City Good News. Later, she went on to have a handful of her short stories published in online magazines, and her piece Twizzlers was a Pushcart Prize nominee.


As a digital native, Grady uses her natural tech wizard skills to help her parents navigate the multitudes of the Internet. She also has a deep love for humanity, sweet tea, and video games.


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Cherry blossoms.jpg



The artwork for the website is courtesy of artist Mary Paige Woodfin.

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