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Getting Up to Speed on Slowing Down

How do you slow down without slowing down? You know what I mean. You spend a lifetime driven to cram X number of things into each day, changing hats as you navigate through the to-dos.

And one day your energy is not what it used to be, your memory is a little fuzzy, the skip in your step resembles a shuffle.

But you’re not getting old, you’re getting better, right?

Being old doesn’t make you wise just as meditation as a form of laziness doesn’t tap into your inner soul.

Which brings us back to the health benefits of writing. As I work through these words, my brain revs to full throttle. My energy level rises, my mind clicks, things come back to me. Clarity returns.

In the few minutes it has taken me to jot these words down, I have gone from drowsy to jazzed, from grumpy to ready to roll.

I realize each day how little I know about the way writing works. Is it brain functioning, spiritual insight, game playing? Do human beings really tap into some greater power when they open themselves to creativity?

It seems that way to me.

I have always known writing was satisfying. Now I am beginning to see how much fun it is.

If I will get out of its way and let it happen.

Want to come out and play with me?

Just sit down and write.

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