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How Being Cooped Up Can Set You Free

What if in the privacy of your own home you could accomplish your greatest achievement? You could do what you’ve always wanted?

What if you could unlock your soul and create a lasting legacy for those you cherish the most?

What if you could give a priceless gift to your loved ones?

What if you could tap into your most powerful inner resources?

And what if you could do all this with a pen and some paper?

It’s not an exaggeration to say you can achieve all that and more by entering the world of unfiltered writing, writing you use to reach down into the innermost reservoir of your spirit.

The pursuit of your true self is not an effort on your part to become a bestselling author or the poet laureate of the United States. It’s not an effort at all. Rather it is simply a matter of getting out of the way and letting the words flow. The words are ready to escape if you will open the escape hatch.

You don’t have to attempt anything earth-shattering. Maybe to prime the pump you just make a note about the woodpecker you heard warble, or you remember the time your grandchild caught a softball for the first time, or you conjure up the smell of the Brussel spouts you cooked last evening.

It’s not about the subject matter. It’s about the process of sitting back and allowing your inner self to take charge.

And it’s about embracing and enjoying the release of your spirit.

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