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How Do We Know What is Right?

This morning Joe Biden is President-Elect of the United States.

The moment reminds me of 2008 when Obama became the first person of color to claim that same position. At the time I felt the country was at a crossroads where it could choose between two paths: hope or hatred.

The past twelve years have shown us much about how such things go. Do we choose the way of health or a pill of poison? Do we select collaboration or polarization? Shall we accept our fellow human beings, or retreat into the old biases?

Hatred dies hard.

Love still wins.

Each day we face twin challenges: How to know what the right thing to do is, and where to find the courage to do it. Bullying and big talk are cheap, and courage is rare.

Few of us hold the power to influence outside our own small sphere of love. But within our spheres of influence we can strive to do right by those under our care. We can be open to new answers, address inequality, fight for justice.

The task before us neither started started today nor ended yesterday.

It is always with us.

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