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Let your writing take you to your past, present, and future

Journaling is a real trip. It’s a snapshot of where you are now, but it also looks back and forward.

I have notebooks here and there that I’ve saved for years. The ones that go back the farthest are like visiting a personal museum full of long-forgotten artifacts.

Can we really place ourselves back in time?

I doubt it because the years change us and we can’t escape the ways of thinking we inhabit now. To put it another way, we are trapped in the present.

But if we take a few seconds every little while to record our deepest thoughts, we can freeze those moments in time, and we can journey back and meet the person we used to be.

We can also capture the present, which is harder than it seems. It is difficult because first we must learn to use a journal as a truth-telling destination. A place where we bare our souls and let it all hang out.

I’ve found that many of my old journal entries wonder about the future. They always get it wrong because there is no way to account for the things that will come our way tomorrow, or the next day, or a decade from now.

So the beauty of journaling is that we can create our own recorded history, and we can see where we were, where we are, and maybe, just maybe, where we may end up.

Write something down now, before you forget who you are.

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