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On Speaking or Writing When You Have Nothing to Say

An attorney friend of mine told me once that the hardest thing a lawyer has to do is to learn how to keep talking while he is figuring out what he needs to say.

That’s a lot like life. We learn what life’s about as we are living it. There’s no way to disengage while we figure it out. Situations are what they are, and they demand actions, actions that often have far-reaching consequences. But we must stumble through them and do the best we can.

This doesn’t mean that what has gone before is useless to us, or worthless. Rather, those moments, or days, or years of experience simply bring us to the present and inform us as best they can. It’s how we handle the present that determines if we have benefitted from what got us here.

We can squander the insight our experience can provide us, or we can use it to build a better house.

I’m in favor of the better house approach.

How about you?

The next time you think you have nothing inside you worth saying or writing, take a few moments to jot down what’s going on in your head and in your heart.

You may discover a new insight waiting in the wings to change your life.

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