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Quit Worrying and Start Writing

I know of no human endeavor that has more naysayers than writing. Everyone is a critic, even if they’ve never tried their hand at putting words on paper.

What these grump pots fail to realize is that they are dissing, often to themselves, one of the most invigorating, freeing, and life-changing practices known to human beings.

If the story is yours, there’s no bad way to tell it. It doesn’t matter how it sounds on paper, if it follows some set of “rules” a professor of creative writing propagated as part of his master’s thesis, if it rhymes, if it’s complete sentences.

Quit worrying about the rules. Remember you are writing for yourself to let your spirit shine through, to capture a thought that just hit you, to say something funny even if no one gets the joke.

Writing rules are nothing but roadblocks. Steer around them while other people are whining about why you have to record your thoughts in iambic pentameter.

When your thoughts well up inside you, let them fly. Set them free and enjoy the ride.

Think of your writing as meditation on paper.

You’ll always be glad you did.

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