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The calming experience of writing about uncertainty

The first Tuesday in November every four years in the United States of America is presidential election day. If you check the calendar, you will find that day is tomorrow.

The winner will be Trump or Biden, and no one in her right mind would claim to know which candidate will win. I can’t think of a time in many years that compares with the nervousness, anxiety, and uncertainty of this moment in American history.

In other words, it’s a perfect time to grab pen and paper and spend a few moments capturing your thoughts and letting writing calm your troubled mind.

When I took up my pen a little while ago, I jotted down words like “uncertainty,” “stress,” and “security.”

As soon as I wrote the word “security,” another word popped in my head.


The dictionary defines chimera as

Anything that is hoped for or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to obtain.

And that’s the why this writing gig goes. You search for one thing, but find another.

Somehow writing fills in the blanks, occupies the void created by all the negativity around us. What a gift scratching a few words on paper gives us. I don’t know why the thought that answers are just out of my reach makes me feel calmer, but it does once I write it down. It’s like the anxiety escapes from inside me and attaches to my notepad.

And the other thing that came to me is that when we know the answer to the question of the day, we still won’t know what lies ahead the day after the question is answered.

Which is why we need always to keep our writing pad close at hand.

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