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The Highest Energy Current is Love

It’s funny how when you enter a new phase of life you discover new realities all around you. When you learn how to drive, you see street signs differently. When you first ride a bike, you notice trees close to the driveway. When your eyesight fades, you appreciate corrective lenses.

And when you come to grips with love, you put away childish things.

I ran across this quotation in Gary Zukav’s best-selling book, The Seat of the Soul. It pretty well sums up the difference between writing as drudgery versus writing to realize the deepest yearnings within us.

Realizing you might have to squint and scratch your head if you attempted to decipher my handwriting, I have transcribed the words for you:

“The human emotional spectrum can be broken down into two basic elements: love and fear. Anger, resentment, and vengeance are expressions of fear, as are guilt, regret, embarrassment, shame, and sorrow. These are low-frequency currents of energy. They produce feelings of depletion, weakness, inability to cope, and exhaustion. The highest-frequency current, the highest energy current is love. It produces buoyancy, lightness, and joy.”

Maybe the strange thing about writing is that it is at its best when we do it in love.

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