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Why Writing Should be Fun

If you had the choice of doing something you enjoy or doing something you hate, which would you choose? It’s a no brainer, right?

Not so much when it comes to writing. The picture shows some of my thoughts as I began to grapple with the notion of the healing power of writing. Just think about that. How is that something as potentially therapeutic as putting words on paper can instead become a chore with no delight in it?

If you can read my hen-scratching in the picture, you will see that I was dealing with the notion of what words best describe the writing I am longing for, the writing that carries with it a true voice, the expression of that inner part of me that is so good at remaining in the shadows.

Here are some of the words. “”Recreational,” “expressive,” “mindful,” “introspective,” “healing,” “free,” “true,” “relational,” “quiet,” “mystical,” “meditative,” “explorative.” The list goes on and on.

It strikes me that each of those words is a small part of the pursuit of meaningful writing, writing that is good because it is true and that also brings back the joy of thoughtfulness so often extinguished by the weight of writing rules.

Plus, all it costs to write from the heart is the price of a notepad and ink pen.

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