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Write When Words Aren’t Enough

Spirituality has always fascinated me. Now that I have lived a few years, it fascinates me even more.

I have had a copy of The Roaring Stream on my shelf for a while, yet I neglected it until several days ago. It is a Zen reader which supplies selected texts chronologically with notes about the authors.

I have learned thus far that my prior understanding of Zen was just off the mark, having little or nothing to do with the spirit of it. That’s a hard thing to realize this far down the trail.

Here are a few words from the text that explain the various ways to find awakening.

“Entering through the Principle” is awakening to the essential by means of the teachings.
“Entering through practice” refers to four all-encompassing practices: the practice of requiting animosity, the practice of accepting one’s circumstances, the practice of craving nothing, and the practice of accord with the Dharma.”


That’s a mouthful. Apparently Zen embraces words as a means of deciphering its meaning, even though words are both transparent and opaque.

What a wonderful opportunity for writing. Splash words on the page as they come to you, and in so doing you may find your way.

Even if it takes a while for you to realize it.

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